Since Mr. Jack has been cleared for water, since Grandma is visiting, since it’s summer vacation, since I’m so pasty I look like a mainlander, since any other reason you can think of… we decided to get our aloha on and hang out at the Hale Koa yesterday. That’s when Karma decided to poop on our aloha, quite literally. 

The Hale Koa is a military hotel and military families can take advantage of any of their amenities whether they are a guest or not. They have a great pool, right on the ocean. They have a bar right by the pool, snacks, anything you could want. Grandma had been wanting to try out a mai tai so it was a win win.

The kids were pretty happy even if we had to hit the kiddie pool first because of adult swim. They even stopped to pose for a picture. We heard the whistle blow and it was everybody in the water! Woo hoo! We were finally finding our aloha. They were in the water for all of twenty minutes when the whistle blew. Everybody out. Some one pooped in the pool. Karma quite literally pooped on our aloha. Two hours of shocking before they could go back into the water.

There were a couple of walks on the beach, lunch and shaved ice later and they were back at it. I have to say we were still lucky. While mom was waiting in line for shaved ice, some poor woman was standing in just the right spot. Mom said she had looked up to see birds perched above them and thought, this isn’t good. Seconds later the lady in front of her found out just how not good it was. Bird poop in her hair, on her shoulder, down her arm. Yum! While she was standing in the food line. (Gag!) Mom found some napkins for her but I’m not sure how much it helped. I’m literally gagging as I type this. 

Thank you Karma. Can you and your poop please stay away while we try to find our aloha on the North Shore today?