When you take Mater to the beach…

He’ll play in the sand.

When he plays in the sand he’ll get sandy and want to be washed off.

When you wash Mater off in the ocean, his stickers will curl.

If his stickers curl, you’ll want to pull them off.

If you pull off his stickers he won’t have eyes.

If Mater doesn’t have eyes, you’ll want to take him to the eye doctor and worry…alot.

If you worry alot your sisters will want to make it better.

If you sisters decide to fix Mater, he might end up with glowing gem eyes.

If Mater has gem eyes your sisters might decide he needs more bling where the other stickers used to be.

If you have big sisters with access to gem sisters, your Mater might look like this.

IMG_4583You might want to take him back to the beach to lose more stickers.