I’m sure there are a few of you that will think less of me. At this low point, I don’t care. I desperately need to get this story off my chest and frankly the funky taste out of my mouth quickly. So here we go…

Tonight I dropped my mother off at the airport. I was having a bit of a pity party. Actually that is an understatement. I was having a full bore toddler meltdown snotting and crying and yelling, “I want my mommy!” While that might have been a bit of an exaggeration, it’s not by much. I just kept thinking I can’t believe I put my mother on that plane by herself. Mom on the other hand was not having a full blown meltdown. I got a text saying she didn’t even cry until she was almost at the gate. Did we switch bodies? She also let me know she was enjoying the category button on Pinterest. I think bodysnatchers have arrived. 

Anyway, I was throwing myself a full bore pity party. Ray made me a mai tai and I hit the porch. I love to sit on my porch at night while the trade winds blow. We say hello to the neighbors and get caught up. I assumed my position, got out my magazine and sipped at my drink. It could only be better if I had a bit more comfortable chair and I could actually talk Mom into staying longer. New neighbors walked by. I got up and introduced myself and right away all the kids were playing. Pretty typical Hawaiian night. By the way, I do realize how seriously blessed we are. We got to know each other and let the kids run themselves silly at the park across the street. 

The neighbors needed to feed their baby. I re-assumed my position, picked up my drink and started my sip. It actually crossed my lips as I noticed something in the glass. I wondered if one of the kids had slipped a stick in as a stir stick. They know better then to mess with my rum… ahem. Anyway, I sat the glass down only to see a gecko frantically swimming…a very happy, very drunk gecko. Gag! Yes, I drank from the glass. Yes my children have already informed me that said gecko probably peed a little in his scared state. Double gag! 

I opened the door to run for the camera but Ray was pretty sure Mr. Gecko would be a goner. We poured out good rum and drunk gecko… that hurt almost as much as drinking gecko pee. Yes. I just said that. The gecko walked away mostly unscathed. Hopefully he hides in the flowers and away from the cats tonight. 

In other news, I’m pretty sure I’ll have lots of laundry tomorrow. Ray must have peed his pants. He’s still laughing at me…and fixing me a new drink.