It is full on summer. The kids are a little bit nutty and I have only so much in my little bag of tricks. I mean I can only kick them outside for so long. There is a point when the amount of ice cream and shaved ice they consume is, well unhealthy. Today was one of those days when I felt completely worn out before we even got to lunch. Of course an hour and a half of piano lessons and taking four kids to the hospital for an appointment will do that to you. When Ray called and suggested a picnic at dog beach for supper I was all over it. I mean who wouldn’t want to hang out here at the end of the day?


So on the dog days of summer we play with the dog…


I try not to think about how many dogs may have accomplished the three pees in the water my children are playing in… you know, pee, poop and puke. I’m sure that shallow water is pretty nasty but it seems to be pushed around enough to dissipate the nasty a bit. At least that’s what I tell myself.


I throw sticks and see which of my five children will get to it first. What? If it’s good enough to wear Tucker out surely it can wear my ragamuffins out. Why is it that I had to physically roust Jack from bed on school mornings but now that we can sleep he gets up at 5:45? He no longer lays in his bed either. He wanders from room to room until he knows the entire house is awake. I have to run them through the water to get some sleep!


Then there’s Arleigh… No bathing suit. Too cool to run and play until everyone gets way out. I don’t know if she was more afraid of crabs or reef sharks but eventually even the “almost a teen” was running through the water laughing.

It’s a good night to be a dog or a Stiff or a Stiff dog us Hawaii.