I was invited for a bit of a going away luncheon for two friends who will soon be leaving our little rock. Miss Momoko said she needed to teach the white girls about the Asian culture and suggested a trip to Chinatown for Dim Sum.

I’ve mentioned Miss Momoko before. She teaches the girls piano. Several people from my neighborhood have recently voiced the suspicion that she might be a spy. All kidding aside, I’m going with secret agent considering she speaks like 13 languages, plays multiple instruments and jaunts off to foreign lands to compete in competitions at the drop of a hat. I’m also the person who dreams of a secret identity so believe you know whatever.

We get to Chinatown and one member in our party of four sees seafood in the sign. That’s when she tells us that she is allergic to seafood…and soy…as in soy sauce. We were in Chinatown for heaven’s sake! It was a bloody wonder that she hasn’t already broken out into hives!

We walk into a room, sit down at a big table and start to sample. It was all quite delicious and shockingly enough my chopstick skills were not the worst at the table. That’s when it happened…my China PTSD kicked in. Miss Momoko ordered the chicken feet!


We also hit a bakery with green tea donuts. I found the maple bacon option slightly more appealing. I was also surprised to see that spam wasn’t involved.

Here’s to my next adventure with Miss Momoko. If nothing else, I know there will be blog material!