Summer days are LONG for more than one reason. They are especially long in a military community. One of our “alleys” that is usually chockfull of kids has been virtually empty since school let out. They are beginning to trickle back in though. Some leave the island for long period of time to visit family. (Those are the people that are staying for another tour Mom.) We just heard another set of friends will be heading out for a two-week cruise around the islands. Others are PCSing. That means moving on and only Skype and Facetime chats are in our children’s near future. Some are headed back to one coast or another on the mainland others are headed to Japan. You just never know. There are lots of good-byes. Summers are LONG even in paradise.

We feed the time. We hit the pool. They ask for ice cream. I kick them outside. There is a steady supply of chalk and bubbles and runs to the red playground and runs to the green playground. We hit the beach as often as we can. Still, we resort to things like this…

That would be a Superman and Lex Luthor fighting over a belly button. See, we are that family…

At the end of a long day with little people who need to go to bed and bigger people that I refuse to call big yet who don’t have to go to bed I don’t have the strength left to battle. We’ve developed a very bad but very cute habit.

It begins with the promise of a remote and ends looking something like this.

IMG_4719One of them sleeps just like her mother, feet hanging out all over the place totally messing up the blankets…

IMG_4722But they are cute little piggies.

This is the most peaceful these two get in a day.













It’s back breaking work to move them from my bed to their own, but for a second, they’re babies again. I also refer to the time they spend up there huddled watching Disney as the hour of peace. 

For now, it’s 7 a.m. One is already up and I hear the rest of them stirring. Here we go again.