While technically the weekend isn’t over here, the little people are mostly in their pajamas and at least one is in a bed so I’m calling it DONE. Whew. I’m a hot mess so I thought I’d let you in on my misadventures.

My week was chaotic is a self proclaimed chaotic sort of way. I was trying to sell Tye’s house, notice I said trying. It was supposed to close Friday, I heard Wednesday that wasn’t likely but I could pray. It didn’t happen. I have high hopes that it will happen but it made for a roller coaster of a week in the middle of everything else going on. Friday afternoon came and I was one big hot mess. Ray and I decided we would sneak away as soon as Arleigh arrived home from babysitting for someone else. Kid is making some serious bank. It’s nice to be 12 in the ‘hood. Anyway, we escaped to a zombie movie. So I remained freaked out about a weird rabies virus and how there are no doors on the Jeep for the rest of the way home. 

Saturday morning we decided to try a new beach. It’s one Ray has been wanted to go to for a couple of months. Between meeting up with people that are leaving and the activities surrounding four kids, plus leaving the island for a wedding, well is it any wonder we hadn’t made it out there yet. The beach is literally at the end of a road where the blacktop ends, there is a piece of sand between the mountains at the tip of the island and that’s where we were. It’s called Yokohama Bay. It’s also known as Pray for Sex Beach. (Note to self, is that why Ray’s been suggesting a trip for the last two months? Ahem.)

IMG_4733Yeah, feel sorry for me. While we were dragging chairs and paraphernalia out of the car, a local grabs me. Here’s is a sample of our conversation…

“You watch your kids yeah. They got boards yeah.”

“No boards today. Surfs rough yeah?”

“Both currents today. They be gone.”

“Mahalo. I’ll watch them.”

 So, basically he was saying, “You need to watch your kids. Do they have boards.” I told him we left the boards in the car because the waves were rough. He reiterated how bad and I said thank you. Before I knew it, a lifeguard magically appeared. He showed up where the rocks were how the waves were breaking. We promised that we wouldn’t go out with Bria and Jack. Ray won him over with a quick, “We’re local.” It was also pretty obvious because tourists don’t travel with the crap we were dragging out of the van. It’s like taking the red wagon to the swap meet. Tourists just don’t stick those things on a plane. 

We had a good day. We were sitting up about 8-9 feet. You could slide down the sand to get to the water and all three girls wanted to hang out in it. You had to keep Bria pretty reined in. Her feet were coming out from under her about every fifth break. At one point, I was down in the water with her by ourselves. We saw a huge barrel breaking close to shore right beside us. Then we heard it hit. It sounded like a gunshot. I’ve never heard waves like that they were breaking so close. 


We had a good time. Ray caught this shot as I was walking with the girls. Jack was not a fan of the water trying to pull him away. You can see the rain to the right and beautiful weather to the left…a perfect example of the weather that creates blue skies and rainbows.

IMG_4811Pretty much, a good time was had by all. Ray and I went out in it for a bit. It was rough. Ray was actually knocked down a couple of times. I may or may not have nearly fallen off the sand ledge in a fit of laughter once I realized he was okay. 

In my worn out state, I didn’t clean out the coolers. I paid for it though. Sunday morning, I walked out the back door in a sleep stupor, watered my plants and hosed a cooler. I turned to pick up 400 empty Capri Sun packets, stepped back and OH MY GOOD GRAVY! I was immediately grossed out. I thought I had stepped on one of the neighborhood toads. No such luck. I stepped on a huge dead baby bird. I’m still gagging. Of course, I was barefoot. This is Hawaii after all. I’m pretty sure my neighbors considered calling security since my children thought about it. I was as they say, “acting a fool!” I yelled and screamed and wiped my foot for, well frankly I’m not sure how long. I was still a little freaked out at church. Chicken was removed from tonight’s menu. 

Speaking of menus, I forgot to mention that I was watching old Pioneer Woman episodes Saturday night. We were all so tired, the kids decided to make Ramen. Ray and I were going to throw something together. After half paying attention while she made homemade potato chips, I decided to try and make my own. Of course I wasn’t paying attention. They were coming out soggy. At one point I had turned it down, then turned it up and the next thing I know there was hot oil ALL OVER MY HOT STOVE. Ooops. If I had the gas oven from Memphis, we wouldn’t have been in serious trouble. Thankfully it was a cheap electric oven in Hawaii and just required some elbow grease and a few choice words. Pioneer Woman I am not. 

While I’m not Pioneer Woman, apparently my mother is. She held a little Fourth Of July engagement party for a nephew of hers this weekend. From what I understand from Facebook it was part South Fork part Pioneer Woman episode complete with fireworks shot over the pond. One more thing we’ve missed on our little island. 

We also got to watch our friend on his new television show this afternoon. It was bit strange sitting in Hawaii seeing Hampton Blvd covered in snow. It’s a great show on Velocity called Fantomworks. If you haven’t, you should check it out. I’m not into cars and even I appreciated what he was doing. 

I think that’s it… actually, I think that’s enough for one weekend anyway.