I haven’t totally abandoned my Bible Study. I’m in week 8 of a 15 week study with a fantastic group of people. I so enjoy hearing what everyone has to say. The perspectives are so different. If you aren interested in the Bible study, head on over to Ni Hao Y’all. You’ll find some great links at Stefanie’s site, how the study was set up, who is participating and some really great study materials including sermon links. 

This week the Chapter in Keller’s book is called Intermission. Frankly, I needed it. Our group decided to take a second and regroup, chat amongst ourselves if you will and decide what really important questions we want to ask.  Keller is sitting the stage in this chapter to discuss what Christianity means. Oh my. This is going to be hard stuff. I hope I’m ready for it. 

Instead of going on and on about God being our playwright that wrote himself into His play (interesting perspective if you ask me, which you didn’t so I’ll just shut up now) or that anyone who considers Christ as a savior is Christian… this was a big chapter too… I’m going to ask you. Anyone out there?

What are the big questions that you would like an answer about for your faith? I’ll share mine if you share yours. Pretty please…