Bria may or may not have a UTI. Nearly 40 years as a girl and 12+ as a mom of girls leads me to say she has a UTI but I am no doctor so whatever. We’re sitting in the clinic waiting…FOREVER because my daughter finally peed before we left the house. What? I usually have to beg her. I was coming down the stairs and nearly cried when I heard the toilet flush. Now we sit and wait under threat of catheter if she doesn’t go soon. Bria doesn’t understand why I’ve made her drink a liter of water.

While we wait my daughter is perusing the Avengers comics that were generously left. I am people watching. This place is a plethora of blog material. So far we’ve seen one lady with a tattoo that made me look twice. I thought chest hair was peeking out of her v-neck scrubs. I also saw a lady wearing a coverup that I happen to own as a dress with no bra. She needed a bra! Her military ID was neatly tucked next to her left boob. She might also need to invest in a wallet.


She’s finished the water. Heaven help us they said it was enough. Everyone is headed to lunch. There are no people to watch except for the cranky little girl that’s tired of waiting because she’s read all the comics.