I know Sunday is the first day of the week, but it’s set aside and falls into the weekend category. Monday really sets the pace as to how the rest of week will follow.

So far, I went to bootcamp, thought I might die a little, looked over to see a friend looking for the nearest tree to deposit her breakfast. Lovely way to start the week, don’tcha think? I’m proud to say that today would have been the day for it, but I managed to hold it down. Thank you toast with coconut peanut butter for staying down. Really. Thank you. 

You know it’s Monday when you come home to the mass chaos that is four kids home for the summer. Mount Washmore is composed of at least 17 piles of laundry. I’m hoping to condense it to five. My poor washer must hate me. The dryer hasn’t spoken to me in weeks. Oh well. 

Monday also means a trip to the Target to try to level out all of the school supplies and the copious amounts of lists for four kids. Holy toledo. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one that was upset. One mother heard me explaining to Bria that her backpack was in good condition and considering the amount of money I would be paying for these school supplies, she might get another backpack when she goes to college. I hope Rapunzel is still a big deal then. Anyway, that Mom started talking about the ridiculously long lists and if you have more than one kid… hello I am four! Then a mom with five kids chimes in. I’m all, I just nine bottles of Elmer’s glue and it has to be Elmer’s. In all the commotion, I got to the checkout and realized Bria’s pencil box is 17.99 and Jack’s is 13.99 after I paid. I’ll be making a trip back to return them shortly. Seriously, you know it’s Monday!

Since it’s Monday, the commissary is closed. Mondays were my commissary day. Heaven help us when it comes to dinner tonight. Pretty sure I’m taking down one of the pineapple plants in the yard. 

I should also probably get back to Mount Washmore… I’ve nearly scaled a third of it. Only 10 more loads (3) to go!