You can find any number of things in my yard. Their are roaches roughly the size of a dump truck, millipedes, the ever possible centipede…let’s not forget the gecko that apparently enjoys rum. I may have mentioned the kamikaze birds. I was working in the yard a couple of weeks ago and put up a picture of this guy.

While it is the size of a worm, it looked suspiciously like a snake. I now know thanks to a friend that Hawaii actually has it’s own tiny little blind snakes. Read more here. Not exactly as scary as the copperhead, water moccasin or rat snake I’m used to looking for, but I am outside barefoot ALL THE TIME, even after the dead bird incident. I’m not happy about this discovery. 

Yet, none of these critters quite compare to the one that was recently handed to me in a jar. Meet Mr. S.

Girls night out with Zoe 001


He was still alive and well in the jar. Unfortunately he met an untimely demise. Actually there is nothing unfortunate or untimely about this. Sorry PETA. One of my neighborhood bootcampers warned me that they were around the ‘hood and that a few of the boys had captured one. I asked if I could take a picture for the entomologist in Ray’s unit. She just handed over Mr. S. Apparently she was happy to get him out of her house. I can’t imagine why!

These are the pictures that the entomologist sent back…

ImageImage 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5





They also sent along a link to a website with all sorts of information about my new dead friend. Um yeah. Let me sum it up by saying you’ll hear me scream on the mainland if I see one of these boogers hiding under Ray’s wood in the garage. (I’m pretty close to removing the wood Ray!) They’re nocturnal. I’m hoping I never come across one that isn’t in a jar. Also, all camping trips and outside sleepovers will now cease and desist! I’m off to call the entomologist back to find out how to keep them out of my little piece of the ‘hood.