Hey guys. 

This is Brandi’s daughter Arleigh posting a letter to Selena because my mom didn’t know what to write if she did ever write a letter to Selena for me.

So here we go.

Dear Selena, 

I have been a true fan since I saw you on Barney. You are my inspiration, my role model, you pretty much mean a lot to me. (even though I don’t know you personally) You’re an amazing singer and your looks are just so beautiful. Ever since Wizards of Waverly Place came out on Disney Channel, I would decide I wanted to be like you, so my sister and I got pencils and acted like we were Alex Russo and the pencils were our wands. You’ve come such a long way in your music as well acting career from the past years. You’re voice is so talented and you are by far, my favorite artist. My friend gave me the idea to make an Instagram account recently. (thank you and you know who you are because you read this blog) So I have a fanpage for you also. You are so amazing and I love you so much. If I ever got to meet you I would probably cry my eyes out. But in reality, I will probably never meet you. 🙁 And you’ll also probably never read this blog post. I’m writing it anyway though. There are so many things I could say about you. You’re such a kind hearted person that is practically flawless in looks. Sometimes I’m always jealous of how pretty you are. I am definitely a selenator for life. You are wonderful, amazing, gorgeous, perfect, flawless, and my inspiration. If only I could meet you..

Well, I guess that’s it.

I love you Selena 🙂

– Arleigh