Don’t hate me because I go long spurts between posting. 

Don’t hate me because I live here.

OJC_9343Don’t hate me because sometimes we get visitors that can tie up my time from blogging because we board boats like the Kai ‘Oli ‘Oli.



Don’t hate me in fact, you aren’t allowed to because our visitors are on their honeymoon.



Don’t hate me because I get to go jump in the ocean with this guy.



Don’t hate me because I jump in the water, hear the word “turtle” and forget that anyone is actually in the water with me to chase it. I get pictures like this.

DSCF0033And this one of his bum popping up right in front of me.

DSCF0038Don’t hate me because Holy Crap I get so excited in the water that when Nico (dude from the boat propped on a board) asks if anyone wants to hold a sea urchin, I yell “Me!” and run everyone else over to get to him. I turn around so Ray can see me and at least take a picture. Apparently he had no idea that I had taken off. Kirsten said she was pretty sure I threw a couple of elbows but I promise if I did it was purely accidental. His tentacles stuck to my hand. It was awesome! Ray also suddenly discovered what it would be like to have 5 children. Luckily the kids weren’t with us. He said he never knew where I was in the water. 

DSCF0057You can’t hate me for this either.

OJC_0113Or this

G0080113Instead of hating, just come visit. It’s the only excuse I need to head out again.