It’s been one year, actually a little more than a year, since we left a scorching hot summer and landed in paradise. Like most other times that you look back at stretches in your life some of went by fast and some of it seemed to creep along at a snail’s pace. In this past year we have weathered some pretty big changes. We’ve had some fun. We’ve endured tragedy and loss. In some ways far too many things have happened. In others ways, far too few came to pass. In two short years our time in paradise will be a distant memory. I’m liking this endless summer I’m living. I want to make the most out of every second of it. 

The nice thing about pictures is that you can pick and choose your happiest memories from the year… here’s my happy look at what we’ve done this year.OJC_9526 IMG_1229 IMG_1209 IMG_1190 IMG_1181 IMG_1177 IMG_4833 IMG_4810 IMG_4711 IMG_0998 IMG_4629 IMG_0956 IMG_0926 IMG_0861 IMG_4293 IMG_4266 IMG_4208 IMG_0799 IMG_4193 IMG_0742 IMG_4031 IMG_3957 IMG_3954 IMG_0639 IMG_3795 IMG_0609 IMG_3746 IMG_3683 IMG_3661 IMG_0571 IMG_0549 IMG_3584 IMG_0455 IMG_3430 IMG_3416 IMG_0436 IMG_0318 IMG_3153 IMG_2856 IMG_2790 IMG_0036 IMG_0032 IMG_0919 GOPR0263 IMG_4480 IMG_0278 IMG_4381 IMG_4048 IMG_3932 IMG_3890 IMG_3877 IMG_3872 IMG_3395 IMG_3408 IMG_3416 IMG_3482 IMG_3491 IMG_3153 IMG_2936 IMG_2790 IMG_0340 IMG_2964 IMG_2488 IMG_2411 IMG_3772 IMG_2724 20130710-154610.jpg IMG_4847 IMG_4766 IMG_4741
















And this is just a taste of all the things we crammed into the last 12 months. There are still so many things that I want to cram right back into the next two. All this and so many people want to visit. So here’s the deal. While I’m busy preparing my Hawaii bucket list, you make yours. If you’re coming, you best get yourself on the calendar. Grandma has also been telling hinting that she wants us to make a trip to Kentucky next summer. Honestly, I have no idea how we are going to fit everything into the next 24 months but we’re sure going to try.

What’s on your Hawaii bucket list? Maybe I’ll post mine later. It took all day to get these pictures on here and could have been at the beach!