Have I mentioned that I have the very best husband in the world? He’s been asking me for weeks what I wanted to do for my fortieth birthday. I’ve been saying, “Nothing. I’m good.” He knows me better than I know myself.He surprised me with something I didn’t even know you could do here. It would have totally been on my Hawaii bucket list otherwise…Ray woke me up at 4 a.m., handed me a new rash guard and said get dressed he had a surprise. I HATE not knowing what’s happening. Ray LOVES to do something to put me in that situation. I totally had no idea. 

We woke the babysitter, AKA Arleigh and hopped in the Jeep. It was so cold. I froze to the bone. Seriously! I was so cold and so sleepy. We drove to the north shore. I still had no idea what was happening. We were close to Dillingham airfield…helicopter ride? Nope. We passed that. I was pretty sure we weren’t driving the long way around to swim with the dolphins. We weren’t on the ride side of the island to watch the sunrise. A hike…pretty sure Ray knew better at 4 in the morning. 

Finally we reached Haleiwa Town. It was literally a ghost town. I’ve never seen it like that. McDonald’s wasn’t even open for coffee. Ray pulled into the marina and showed me the sign… “SWIM WITH THE SHARKS!” He said he was surprised to see me a bit anxious. I was so cold. That boat was so small. I didn’t eat breakfast but I took my vitamins. I was wondering if I would dry heave or be miserable the whole way out. Ray produced a Diet Dr. Pepper. The sun started to come up and I warmed up. I was ready to go! (He also gave me dramamine.) We heard that every trip this boat takes out, someone gets horrifically sick. I didn’t want to be that guy. 

We got on the boat, waited for some people to get there. If you are supposed to be somewhere at 5:30 in the morning and you get there at 6, you’re late. I so wish the boat had just pulled out. That family lolly gagged their way to the boat, allowing for other’s to get anxious. Finally we pulled out. The ride was smooth. We covered the 3 miles in no time. The cage was dropped and they called our names in the first group. We didn’t want the video. They were interviewing everyone else. The captain said we could go ahead and get in if we wanted. I don’t think he had finished the sentence before my feet were on the ladder. 

This is just a peek…

GOPR0003 GOPR0009 G0010027 G0010090 G0020129 G0020137 G0020143 G0020185 G0040239 GOPR0258











It was absolutely awesome. Because for years crabbing boats have been out in the waters, sharks have become trained to come up to the sound of a diesel engine. The boats ride out, let the engine idle for a minute and the sharks just appear. There are a few locals who really hate the idea of these shark swims. They think the boats are drawing them closer to shore and that we are messing with their environment. Clearly, I didn’t have a problem with it. I doubt crabbing vessels stop going out anytime soon. No one is interfering with the sharks. We simply were so blessed to be able to observe them in their territory. There are lots of people making lots of money on this tourist focused venture and others like it…plus they suggested a local cafe for breakfast and we noticed other tourists eating there with us. 

 After we got home my sweet husband also had a little too much fun making this video for me…


It was a great day and I will be saying FOREVER to ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN that on my 40th birthday I SWAM WITH THE SHARKS!!!! Thank you Ray. You are the best. I love that you know me so well and are willing to create our adventures. Happy Birthday to me!