Today was the big day. I expected to be sad, reflective, determined… I’m freaking tired! Ray has definitely eeeked everything he could out of my big day. In addition to a north shore journey that I will NEVER forget, he planned a surprise party in the ‘hood for me last night. It was so nice to sit and chat with our neighbors. This morning I woke up a bit earlier than I would have liked. I was fed the very best breakfast quesadilla that I have ever had in my life prepared by Arleigh. Seriously, it was better than restaurant quality. When did my kids learn to cook? Hanan made me a necklace and card. Then I was off with Bria for a jeep adventure to dog beach and another party for one of her friends.

We got back home to help Ray pack. He’s somewhere in the air right now headed for Texas via Hotlanta. How exactly does that work? I got him off in spite of some serious detours. The girls and I then planned Hanan’s upcoming birthday party and went out to the NEX to get some of the preparations. I thought about heading into the commissary but thankfully didn’t. I heard the lines were out of control. Something about a tropical storm and the island shutting down. Ray just cooked a whole Boston Butt for my birthday. We have enough food for a month of Sundays so I’m not worried about it. Anyway, back home…leftovers and I sent the kids out to play while I cleaned up.

Ray has seriously only been gone a couple of hours and I shattered a glass in my hand. I’m still not sure how I managed that. It rained down on my heat. It could have been much worse. Only the ring finger on my right hand suffered any real damage. A tweezer, some neosporin and a bandaid and I’m good as new. We tell stories about Mom all the time. She wouldn’t take us to the doctor. She could totally field dress a wound using only bandaids to apply butterfly stitches. It was serious stuff. It’s a good thing I was watching because I use her field medic techniques on myself all the time. The kids were slightly horrified when they came back in the house. I think they’ll never get all of my DNA out of this house but whatever. I dealt with it. It’s totally fine now and only throbbing a bit. Of course, typing this is interesting. 

It’s a little after 9 and as soon as Pirates of The Caribbean is over, I’ll be headed off to bed. Please know, I hit it all today. I was sad. I was reflective and I’m determined to jam pack as much into the next 40 as I did the first. I stopped to count my blessings. I have so many friends and family going through so many different things. I’m acutely aware of just how very blessed I am. I’m very aware of my mistakes and hope I’ll make better choices with the wisdom that comes with age. Forty really doesn’t look so old from this side of it. 

Thanks for the many birthday wishes and blessings. It’s been a wild ride but it can only get better. Downhill on the roller coaster is the most fun, right?