Hanan has waited a long time, but it finally came twenty six days after she wanted it to. Last night we had a slumber party in honor of Hanan’s birthday with one uninvited guest, Tropical Storm Flossie. Lucky for us, Flossie lost her steam long before the tweens did. She fizzled before she got to our part of the state, but not before putting a major damper on the pool part of Hanan’s party. I think we managed to do okay anyway…

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Hanan planned her own games. They had a cake walk without the cake. They pinned a hula skirt on the dancer. They played freeze dance. There was a little Just Dance. What slumber party would be complete without makeup and nails? There have been more One Direction videos than I care to think about with a little Selena Gomez thrown in for good measure. The girls stayed up until 1. I’m a little tired but I think the birthday girl was happy.