Yesterday, prayers were answered. Ned is sick. He has a long road to recovery but after seeing the doctor yesterday, there is hope. We’ve always had hope, but after this year I think we were holding our breath and bracing for the worst. There are still more appointments, more doctors and poor Ned will go through more than anyone should ask of him, but I have no doubt he’ll be around for a long time to tell me to bite his butt. In fact, I told him yesterday that I’m planning his Hawaiian deep sea fishing journey for when he’s better. I think I got  a chuckle. 

Thank you for your prayers. God is good all the time, even when it’s hard for me to see Him. We clearly felt peace. In fact, I threatened to do a couple of cartwheels yesterday. I’m off to the endless week before school activities. I really don’t want my kids to back to school, but I might need a nap!