This morning was the first day back to school for Arleigh and Hanan. One of them was happier than the other. Can you tell?

This morning is the first time I’ve put any of my children on a bus. She was weeping. My heart was breaking. This morning I seriously considered home school again then I remembered she has to leave my house sometime, better to condition her now. 

This morning Hanan is at a school all by herself for the first time in 6 years. Don’t worry. It won’t last long.  By next week I’ll have three of the four back in the same school.

This morning Ray swore I ran the battery down on his jeep by leaving the lights on. I don’t know how since I try to only drive it during the day. He drove to work anyway. 

This morning I had to tell a group of totally terrified parents why they should be involved with their child’s education and join the PTA. Is it good that I’m not always sure what one has to do with the other? It started with, “My mom was a teacher and I learned from an early age that when parents have a relationship with their teacher, their child feels secure and that leads to success.” …so join the darn PTA so I can pay the national dues would ‘ya?

This morning I was up before six… did I mention I don’t like back to school anymore than the kids? 

This morning I missed boot camp. Whether I like to admit it or not, that really messes with my attitude. 

This morning I had to feed Ziggy bloodworms. Meet Ziggy…

This morning my other houseguest still reminds me of Alf on a bender.

No really…

This morning I was handed copious amounts of paperwork for two of the four kids in triplicate. I expect for the other two to bring more home later. 

This morning I realized just how hard kindergarten is in Hawaii in August with no air in the classrooms. Open the windows for the love of Pete! 

This morning I was glad to make it too lunch without bursting into tears or doing cartwheels but I’ll admit that I’ve felt like doing both.