Today was Bria’s first day of kindergarten. You know how it doesn’t matter what you do, you second guess your parenting? She was in Junior Kindergarten last year. The school said she was ready for first grade if we wanted. She could totally rock first grade in Hawaii. I didn’t see her nearly where Arleigh and Hanan were when they started first grade in Virginia. Ray thought she should go on because she’s done it. She’ll be bored and that will lead to trouble. What if she finishes first grade and still isn’t ready for second in Virginia? Or Kentucky? Or Peru? Or Where ever we go? You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t as a parent. I’ve dug my heels in and this is Miss Bria on her first day of kindergarten.


Jack starts tomorrow. Bria is in A group. Jack is in B group. Poor kid had no idea why he had to suffer the indignity of being left home with Mom. To top it off, he needed he kinder shots. Once again Jack drew the unlucky straw. He got the local grandma at the clinic who obviously prepared island warriors for battle in another life. He took two jabs to the upper arm like a champ. There is nothing a new toy plane can’t make better.


Let me go over our schedule today. I left the house at 7:30 to try and beat the crazy school parking traffic. I failed. Bria’s teacher doesn’t open her door until first bell. At 8:00 Jack and I were on the way to the clinic. By 8:45 we were looking for yet more school supplies from a new list that Arleigh brought home yesterday. After failing
Miserably to find what we needed, we had to head back up to the school to pick Bria up by 10:30. Back home to make lunch, clean up and go back to the school for Bria’s assessment test. Now I’m home blogging from my phone because that’s where the pictures are. In another half hour I’ll have to pick up Hanan, then wait for Arleigh to get off the bus. At that point if I’m lucky we’ll finish the back to school shopping.

I did score one last item from Jack’s list today. I picked up a cheap lanyard for Him. I got home and realized it had a bottle opener built into it.


Sweet! Jack will be ready to bust open a cold one when he gets home from school. It’s officially official… I am that mom!