Sometimes I wonder if my kids will EVER leave my house.

Sometimes I wonder if I could disable my doorbell.

Sometimes I wonder if I actually live in a train station bus station in Memphis.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids’ bathrooms should be classified as a hazmat area. (see bus station in Memphis)

Sometimes I think the house is too quiet and I wonder if I could build a South Fork compound like my Gran always dreamed about and keep everybody close. 

Sometimes after a very long day weird things creep in my head, like at night when I change into my comfiest pajamas and that strange voice creeps in my head that yells, “Release the Kraken!” as I remove my bra. 

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve given you too much information.

Sometimes I tease my mother-in-law about the way she pronounces things.

Sometimes my teasing bites me in the butt because I’m so conditioned to read things with a Hawaiian pronunciation. Italian words will never be the same. I asked Ray if pastaria was a real word. I thought he would fall out the Jeep he was laughing so hard. 

Sometimes Bria enlightens me about things like your neck hair is longer when you have long hair and it hurts worse than any other hair when you pull it.

Sometimes I need to remind my children AGAIN not to irritate their mother and then ask her to put their hair in a pony tail. 

Sometimes I actually catch my typos and then wonder if I should leave the blog saying that my children  “irrigate their mother.” 

Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever reads this. 

Sometimes I wonder if their opinions of me have lowered exponentially from reading this. 

Sometimes I wonder if I’m blogging to avoid both hazardous bathrooms and Mount Washmore. 

Sometimes I think I should just bite the bullet and get to work.


Happy Monday folks!