Last week on Wednesday I thought I might lose my mind. It started with bootcamp…leg day. Need I say more? I needed to meet a friends to look at bounce houses for our school’s Fall Festival. MWR got rid of the ones we used last year and the new ones which weren’t as nice were already spoken for. While I was there one of my bootcamp buddies texts me. Something about too much water I can’t stop puking. Yeah leg day! I proceed to get my friend back home. It’s early day pickup then one to piano and I trade kids with another family so one of mine can go to soccer. It’s a system. 

I work my tail off to get dinner on the stove. I grabbed a spice jar left by one of the families that moved or traveled over the summer. It happens in military communities, time to move, pass on the jars… I dump it in my big pot of red beans and rice and couldn’t decide if I just dumped bugs in or not. I pulled it out. I still couldn’t tell. Ray is picking up from soccer as I’m getting home from piano and rushing to get to church. The decision, whether it’s bugs or not my mind thinks their bugs and I throw two nights of dinner down the garbage disposal. Go team! It’s time for church there is no dinner. Everybody is tired and whiney. Grilled cheese it is.

We didn’t make it to church.

I was determined that today would be infinitely better than last week. I got did mile little one mile jog with my buddies. I got to bootcamp and the trainer says, “Good news. I’m bleeding. I just drew fresh blood on the agility course.” I told her I didn’t sign up for the Spartan race. We ran around the block with 8 pound balls. Some of our excercises today included sumo jumping jacks with those darn balls, the prisoner walk and ladder marine push ups. Holy toledo! The day just started. I have copious amounts of PTA paperwork, it’s early pick up and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t raise my left pinkie if I tried. That’s a lie. I’m typing, but still. 

I see a shot of Ibuprofen in my future! Wednesday you can go back to being plain old Wednesday whenever. Seriously!