Yesterday I had an appointment for the mom mobile. It needed to be checked. While I waited more than three hours for them to check her out, change the oil and suggest $3,500 in repairs (heaven help me!) I sat and people watched. Believe it or not, there is alot to see at 9 in the morning at the Nissan dealership in Honolulu. 

There was the guy eating General Tso chicken at 9:30 in the morning. I’m all for a cold slice of pizza but General Tso? It smelled really good and even made my mouth water a bit.  It also made me feel like I had heart burn. 

Veterans were gathered with the active duty guy around the coffee pot. I love listening in on old war stories. They start with where they served to see if there is common ground. It really doesn’t matter. There is camaraderie in their service of this country. I could listen to them all day hearing who was where and what they did, no job too insignificant. They laugh and then they’re somber. Then a name is called. Someone’s car is ready and they disperse. 

There are a number of groups of people speaking various languages. It blew my mind that three young women came in together. They were having a little party on one of the sofa areas. I even saw money go back and forth. No idea what they were saying but if you sit there long enough it’s easy to convince yourself that they must be talking about you. 

There was the VERY pregnant young girl. I know she was very pregnant because she was also VERY loud on her cell phone. Her c-section is scheduled for Sept. 11. She wasn’t happy about it. I don’t know if she wasn’t happy because her child’s birthday would be Sept. 11 or because she was tired and would prefer her child to be born today. Either way she wasn’t happy after her doctor’s appointment. She was also reading “Fifty Shades of Gray.” She’s a little late to the party but no time like the present I guess. 

I talked story with one of the guys checking people in. My wallet fell out of my bag and I went running back for it. He said once he lost a wallet with $16,000 in it. As a side note he didn’t explain why he had $16,000 in his wallet. He said the wallet was turned in with all the money inside. I said that was a really good samaritan. He said, “No, I got good hiding spots!” I guess he did. 

Talk story and people watch long enough, maybe you’ll forget the bill. Ramen noodles for dinner anyone?