It was another soccer practice night… but that means just another night around here. It’s hard to get mad about practice running late when this is the view from the car…

On my way home from another late practice there were a few things on my mind. Things like man gossip. Holy cow, overhearing things at soccer practice reminds me of the “as seen by men” guy in the Bible. I wanted to turn around and say everyone’s job in the military is important, not just yours. I held my tongue. I’m also not passing out this blog address if you know what I mean… I was also reminded me that man gossip can be more brutal than gal gossip. I thought we had claws. 

I was also trying to remember what it was like to be twelve and have to get along with other twelve year olds. A certain twelve-year old who shall be unnamed but you probably know her anyway is having problems enjoying being around someone. I tried to encourage her. You know, golden rule, we all want to impress people in an effort to make friends, she’s just trying too hard… I do remember how hard it was to be 12 even if a certain 12-year old doesn’t believe me. I wonder now if I was the other annoying twelve-year old twenty-eight years ago. Then I just tried to forget because it makes me want to string Arleigh up by her toes. Oooops. The jig is up, you know who I’m talking about. Oh well.

It wasn’t hard forgetting the life of a twelve year old since I saw a adult man relieving himself on my way home. I don’t really talk like to myself though. In my head there may or may not be a bit of cussing. Like, I’m driving Hanan home in the Jeep, look over and I say in my head, “Is that a grown *ss man P!#&ing?” Um yes. It was an adult decked out in his Rainbow Warrior gear. Apparently across the street from the stadium just down from the police officers was as far as he could make it. I actually did a double take because he was leaning on the chain link fence so hard, I thought something was wrong. I hate it when grown men can’t hold their beer. 

Don’t worry… no shots of the offender. This is the other direction and the crowd that is UH vs. USC. There was alot of green and red and gold. Go Rainbow Warriors! 

On the way home, I got a phone call from the over achieving 12-year old who had to be responsible for putting a tray of food in and out of the oven. Her task was completed expertly. 

On the way home, I had to remind Hanan twice to keep her hands and feet inside the Jeep more than once. I also heard, “But Daddy…” He might have some explaining to do. 

On the way home, I decided I’m busy but too tired to care. That is all.