So I deleted my last post. In my effort to be real and crystal clear that I’m not always a fabulous perfect parent, I let out a secret…my kids aren’t perfect. Was that a secret? A certain Grandma was disappointed that I mentioned it in such a public forum. Actually it was more that in my attempt to be vague to protect the guilty, I made it sound much worse than it was. 

We have high expectations for our kids. We gave our child some extra freedoms recently. She abused them. Our rules are pretty strict. She broke them. She’s lost all that extra freedom that we gave her. I’m at a loss between protecting her privacy and keeping it real just how much to say. I guess I need to make it perfectly clear that it didn’t involve either pictures or sexting. I’ll leave it at I’m disappointed at the blatant disobedience. 

Time to move on. Time for her to earn our trust back. Time for me to rethink my parenting strategy. Time for me to give her all my love and support. 

Also… let me say learn from my mistake. We gave her just enough freedom but thankfully I checked her phone. Thankfully we put an end to the language and the bad influence. Hopefully and prayerfully we are slowly getting back on track.