So this week has been rough… I am aware it’s only Tuesday. Today I went from spin class that quite literally kicked my rear to Wal-Mart to buy a bunch of gift cards for the teachers at school. I’m so thankful that my bank worries about me, but seriously I didn’t love having to panic that they were about to turn my credit card off with Ray out of town because I needed to purchase 40 $50 gift cards. I took care of that, picked up four kids at the elementary school and two at the intermediate school. Yes, only four are mine. You do the math. 

All this coupled with the fact that I have one on serious restriction, one that had soccer practice, a PTA meeting and Ladies’ Bible study all within about a four and half hour window. Plus, we are planning the big Fall Festival for the school so I was also on speaker phone arranging a concession stand. I should also say I shouldn’t be up this late… We had a family meeting last night in which I confessed to lazy parenting and asked my kids to be more diligent, makes sense right? Do as I say not as I do? I’m looking at another full schedule tomorrow. Bootcamp, meeting, early pick up from school, piano, soccer pickup for the middle school crowd. Let’s face it Mount Washmore ain’t washing herself. Still, I fully realize that there are other moms that are probably far busier than I am. I just need to whine a bit because after doubling down on being strict with the kids and Ray being out of town, I’m plumb wore out. 

I promise I’m getting to the point. Tonight I was planning on skipping my Bible study because, well all the reasons I mentioned before, but they didn’t have babysitters. I know there are a few young moms who really need this and I’ve been beating my kids over the head with the “we need to be better people” speeches so I offered Arleigh and Hanan up as sitters. Now look, this isn’t something I would want to do to them all the time and probably shouldn’t have today with our schedule but service is good for them and according to them a certain little sassy sister was the worst one of the lot for them to watch. I bought them a horribly unhealthy dinner and sent them into the lion’s den. 

Can I tell you I couldn’t be prouder of my girls? Most kids would have eaten their dinner and let the little kids fight over blocks. Shoot, I think that’s probably what the Mom that was watching them last week did. I went in and my big girls had pretty much hosted an entire Bible class. The kids had worked puzzles, done mask crafts, colored and I don’t know what else. They were cleaning up and passing those little kids off to their moms like champs. They have had some experience. I’ve made them help me teach the two and three year old Bible class the last two quarters. One mom was so excited she offered to pay them. I’m sure they would have gladly accepted the payment but I explained it was a service they were happy to provide.

Since I acted like my world had ended last week, I thought I better brag on them a little. I really do have good kids. Seriously, they are good kids even if I want to lock them in a cage until they’re 40.