As crazy and chaotic as things are here, more on that later I promise… I can’t let today slip by without mentioning something. On this day two years ago this was happening…

IMG_0207That was an amazing experience. I forgot how tiny he was. He looks like my neighbor’s 18-month old. He was three and half. 

IMG_0219This was a day we will never forget. 

We’ve gone from this

IMG_0841To this

IMG_4537 IMG_0952 IMG_4801 G0070304 G0120319 G0300399 IMG_1519When I am worn out and sad about Jack’s progress, all I have to do is glance back at the old pictures and I realize how far he’s come. We’ve gone from not walking well to insisting on playing soccer with his sisters. He’s gone from not wanting to eat anything but oatmeal to eating anything in front of him. He’s gone from no family to a big, loud family full of sisters ready to boss him around. In his Sunday School class we’ve been talking about creation. One thing we emphasis is that after each part of creation God said, “It is good.” Looking at what had happened to him and where he is now, in spite of all the delays I can’t help but think, “It is good.”

We love you Jack Jack. We learn from you daily how to be better people. I know it can’t be easy to just plop right into our family but you are a hero in our books. We love you always and forever!