So… yeah, I haven’t been writing. My brain can tell. It hurts. I thought I would give you a brief update of what’s been happening around here.

Our neighborhood is a bit nutty because the company that holds a public/private partnership to contract our military housing has decided that due to their lack of foresight and planning (that part is my opinion) they need to make some serious budget cuts. One of the many planned cuts is our beloved gate guards. I am spoiled. I feel like in my neighborhood I live in the 1950’s again. It’s a false sense of security really but I like it. Without the gate guards, that quickly goes away for many reasons that I won’t get into here. On top of it, I think everyone has the general feeling that after years and years of sacrifice of service we have been let down by the navy. It’s disheartening and sad. I’ll leave it alone prayerfully hoping that we get to a quick resolution. (Also note… we still have guards for the moment so all you people looking to rob me blind will have to wait outside the gate for a bit.)

Arleigh is continuing on her technology free life. I had planned on that lasting until she’s like 40 but I’m not so sure how long it will last. Interestingly though, it’s led to other conversations like google sometimes = cheating. 

That same company that is in charge of my community has killed my bushes, pulled two of the three and chopped down a favorite little tree in my yard today. Thankfully they saved Hanan’s birdhouse. I may or may not be very, very bitter. 

Hanan didn’t make the volleyball team. I don’t understand how they choose. There’s something about a brown sack or a hat and drawing names out. She’s sad. When she’s sad it makes my heart hurt a little. 

I was helping in the school library a few days ago and felt the need to apologize for Bria as she was basically running the class. I was told that it was fine, they love Bria and call her their little border collie because she herds to children and keeps them from getting into trouble. I was telling my mother this story and she replies, “She’s her mother’s daughter, you were horribly bossy too.” Yeah me! 

Jack is fitting in at school. He loves his aids and his teachers. I told his teachers he’s been praying for them at night. He is talking more but has a hard time forming his thoughts still and there aren’t always complete sentences. We’re working on it though. He knows the guidance counselor and says, “Hi Mr. Kusanoki!” every time he sees him. His pronunciation and proper use of Mr. is better than most of his kindergarten classmates. He loves school. We’re having some iffy moments at Sunday school but I think it’s his frustration at not being able to communicate. 

Arleigh is teaching herself to play songs other than what her piano teacher assigns. She has a couple of One Direction songs down and an Adelle song that is beautiful. Her piano teacher is not amused. She plays along though and asks to hear her play. Unfortunately, due to a death in her family, we won’t have piano for the rest of the month. Between piano and Arleigh practicing her saxophone… Mama needed a break anyway. 

Hanan was upset with school this year because her best friend isn’t in her class. I think it’s been good for her. She has made lots of new friends and is doing really well. 

Bria scored her first goal during her first soccer game. I may or may not have embarrassed everyone but Bria with my yelling and screaming. When she wants to, that child can move a ball!

Hanan’s head coach is also Arleigh’s assistant coach. He recently had an emergency appendectomy. Is there any other kind? As if we weren’t busy enough coordinating three soccer schedules, 5 weekly practices and three piano lessons, they now need help in the referee department since he was taking the brunt of it. Oh my. I don’t know if Arleigh and Ray realize it yet but I think I’m volunteering them for flag waving courses on Sunday afternoon. Don’t tell them but I’ll be napping. 

The car lane has made a dramatic shift at the school again. Read that headline as “More Headaches As Parents Complain To PTA President.” In case you’re wondering that’s me. The second biggest event the PTA holds for the school is a week from Friday. I’m not stressed at ALL. (Where is that sarcasm font when I need it?)

In other news I’m head of the decorating committee for the Ladies’ Retreat at church. You know the one that’s happening smack in the middle of soccer season? Heaven help me! 

That’s it. I’m all caught up. It’s Friday. I promise I’ll be back at in on Monday. No more breaks because my brain gets clogged and my head hurts when I don’t write. Missed you!