Ray is off for a couple days and it’s nice. Yesterday we snuck away to enjoy this view.


Don’t be jealous. We were there for an hour before it started to pour. I did enjoy lunch in Kailua before heading back to real life with my aloha refreshed.

Anyway, Fall Fest is Friday and soccer and and and… Things are crazy. Last night dinner was served really late. And a certain little girl happened to see the new Thor trailer. It led to an interesting conversation after she watched Natalie Portman walk up and punch Loki (Thor’s brother and also the bad guy in The Avengers) in the face.

“Mom, what would you do if you saw Loki?”

“I’m not sure honey. I would want to punch him too.”

Clearly I was tired and missed a teachable moment because Bria said with a very serious face, “I would look for a knife!”

Sadly she would. For someone who says she’s too afraid to sleep in a room by herself she could use a good dose of fear for this Mama’s heart. Oh my!