I’ve decided that I’m very often finding myself somewhere between.

As PTA president I’m falling somewhere between the Family Festival and the Fun Run. Can I get an AMEN and HALLELUJAH that the festival is over? Have mercy the Fun Run is looming over my head like a dark, dark cloud. 

I am somewhere between praising my children and wondering what spawned the creatures that did that much damage to a bathroom. I just washed shampoo and toothpaste off the walls. I don’t even want to talk about the tub. I think I need to remember to ask Ray to bring home a Hazz-Mat suit from work. 

I’m somewhere between loving the aloha spirit here. I’m mean, how can you not? This is my view of a soccer field almost every week.

And wishing I could be in Kentucky with everybody else, especially when you see Bria and Katie Beth making faces at each other over FaceTime.

I’m somewhere between being totally supportive to the point of cheering you on for choosing to use cash instead of a credit card until I’m behind you in line at the NEX gas station. Then, not so much. My pendulum pretty much swings the other way to wanting to yell at you out my window to hurry up. Please note…those are not actually the words in my head. I can’t yell the words that are in my head when you are taking your time to go to the cash window, running back to your car to get a piece of gum or your phone. Just pay and move so we can all go on with our day. Whew, thank you for letting me get that off my chest. 

I’m somewhere between feeling the need to push Jack to do more, to make friends, to be normal and coddling him because he has only been home two years. Yes, the developmental delay reared it’s ugly head again last week. More on that later… because I’m between wanting to fix it immediately and sticking my head in the sand. 

If you need me, you know where to find me… I’ll be between.