On Monday I rushed to the commissary. Having no faith in our current congress, I was fairly certain that the commissary would close. When you live in Hawaii, this is a much appreciated benefit of having a husband in the military.My grocery bill is high anyway. Without the commissary, I will have to shop exclusively at Sam’s and Costco. I can, but they just don’t have everything I need. Our Target isn’t a Super Target. My Wal-Mart doesn’t even have a grocery section and well, did you read my post about $25 worth of grapes and oranges? It’s okay. We’ll shop at the Farmer’s Market which I like to do anyway. I’ll be cleaning out the pantry…always a good thing. We’ll make do but it stinks. 

On my way out of the commissary on Monday afternoon a news reporter from channel 2 stopped me. She apparently thought my purchase was big. It was in fact average. She asked if I was shopping with the impending closure in mind. I smiled and said, “It’s pay day and I have four kids. It was time to stock up anyway.” The truth… of course I needed to go to the commissary in case it closed. I’m not crazy! 

It was a rare moment where I chose not to open my mouth. Then I got in the mom mobile and immediately regretted it. This is what I wish I had said.

Of course I’m here to stock up. While I prefer to avoid this place like the plague on payday I came to stock up on meat and dairy items especially. The savings that is offered by our commissary is one I truly appreciate living in any economy and particularly one on an island. My family will be okay. Costco will most likely appreciate my business. My thoughts and prayers are with the young military families trying to make ends meet. This isn’t simply a benefit for them. It’s a necessity with what they are paid. Did you know that about 1,000 military members receive food stamps? This doesn’t stop with my military community. We have friends going to work knowing that they might not bring home a check they earned. Families who have already seen pay cuts from furloughs are being sent home. I hope our leaders see what they are putting the people they are supposed to represent through. I’m speaking to both sides here. You won’t break us, but we’ll remember. 

I don’t understand all of this fight. I won’t speak my opinions here for the same reason I refused to grant the interview. I hope we can all come together to encourage a quick resolution. And also… keep the political pandering off of Facebook pretty please…