Yes, I catch myself making statements with the inflection of a questions and then saying, “yeah” like the locals to indicate my questions. 

You don’t live in Hawaii? For my Mayfield peeps… this is a pretty good representation of the local dialect. Yes, there are some bleeps. Friends, if you were on the corner by my neighborhood, there would be many, many more bleeps. Bear with me. (Yes I just looked that phrase up to make sure I using it correctly. It’s bear. I have no need for you to be naked with me…This is clearly a sign that I’m developing either my pidgin or island fever.) Here’s the clip brah!

Now that you’ve watched the video my next story will make so much more sense. Last week I was worn out from soccer. There was a gift card in my pocket. I put Hanan and Bria in the Mom-Mobile and we went to Zippy’s. It’s a local favorite. There is a Zippy’s on every corner. I’m not even kidding. I was a hot soccer mess. I walk in. Hanan and Bria were in various stages of soccer deconstruction. I looked down. Hanan was in uniform down to her socks and shin guards but instead of cleats, her feet were in slippers. (Flip flops for you non-islanders.) Making the assumption that no one in their right mind would believe this scenario, I look a picture.

I get to the counter, place my order and this is no lie what’s said…

“Where ‘ya from? You look local but you don’t sound local.”

It was one of those moments that I LOVE saying, “I live in Aiea. I’m from Kentucky. Go Cats!!!”