Soccer is killing me! Bootcamp is killing me! Piano is killing me! School articulation is killing me! Not really but I feel like we have yet to hit a real groove with our schedules. Actually, I haven’t hit the groove with the family schedule. I’m looking for it now. This will be quick and random because apparently that’s how things flow threw my head these days. 

It’s fall break. I caught up on some much needed sleep last night. I hung out with the kids in my pajamas this morning with no where that we had to be, except Arleigh who had a babysitting gig. Is is a good sign that I just got a text from the mom saying how difficult her kid is? The president is talking but I’m doing a pretty good job of tuning it out as 20 minutes ago my blood pressure was at a boiling point. The pool is closed for the day. I’m cleaning closets and drawers and we have a pretty cute house guest for the week. I know, you needed to hear all that right? I’ve been absent and I need to chat.

Hanan apparently has her Nana Bonnie’s artistic talent. Heaven knows it’s not mine. She drew one of three covers chosen for career day at her elementary school Of course, she wound up with someone else’s cover on her forms. Kindergarten didn’t get forms. Lucky for me, my neighbor shared her son’s cover.

I may be biased but I love Hanan’s detail down to the flower on the artist’s canvas. Proud of you Nernull! 

Arleigh was asked to play at the AYSO National tournament in California. It’s an anniversary year, supposed to be awesome. It would be a wonderful experience. It is also scheduled for some of the worst timing ever! There is a parent meeting Wednesday night. I’ll be sending the calmer head in the house AKA Ray. 

For years I have been making Redneck Payday. I don’t know if I got the recipe from my mother or Gayle Hardison it’s been so long. Every fall until I moved to Hawaii and broke my glass pumpkin for most of September, all of October and clear up to Thanksgiving day you could find a pumpkin filled with a 1:1 ratio of candy corn and salted peanuts. It tastes just like a Payday candy bar. Yesterday we saw that Brach’s is now packaging it together. It’s just not the same. If you haven’t tried it… it’s addictive but try it. 

Yesterday we saw this…

It’s up at a shopping area near my house IN HAWAII. It is too soon! It’s 86 degrees here. This does not look right with palm trees in the background and sweat running down my back. 

Last night at soccer Bria’s team was lining up for a goal kick. A dad from the other team yelled at his daughter, “Move to the other side! Take it up the line!” She turned and said, “Coach said to stay here. I can’t!” His reply, “You can. I said go! Get on the line so you can score!” Um. This is a U-6 team. It was a scrimmage. No one is older than 6! Are you kidding me? Soccer is going to kill me or put me in jail when I forget that I can’t react the way I want to. 

That’s it… I think. Now I plan to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging.