I may have mentioned that soccer, or to be precise, the soccer schedule is kicking my rear. I can often be found with one or more kids climbing in and out of the van while I wait for one or more kiddos. Tonight it was refreshing to have just me and this girl in the van.


Hanan’s team is in a building year. Her games have been hard to watch because they are playing teams that have been together for years. It makes for some..uh frustrating moments seems like the right term. At the last game her coach was evicted. Yeah. Good times.

At the game we noticed that Hanan was picked for team captain. I honestly think it changes every week but she took her newfound leadership role pretty seriously. Tonight, she was the perfect example. Oh it did my heart good to see that child.

Get ready! I’m about to jump on the overly proud bragging parent train. Choo! Choo!!!

The girls practiced hard for an hour. The coaches treat them more like high school seniors than the 11-year old girls that they are. I’m okay with it. She runs hard for over an hour. They usually finish with suicide drills. Tonight in an effort to prolong their endurance they had to do three laps around the field. Hanan and I had a pacing conversation on the way to practice. She ran her laps grinning at me. She is one of the shorter girls. I joke that she takes two steps for every two of Isabel’s. She started dead last worked her way up to second and turned the corner in a full on sprint.

Her head coach was talking to me about how much she had improved when she turned on the juice. The assistant was shaking his head and said, “she’s got legs.” I was packing it up when I saw Hanan set her water bottle down. There is one child on her team that cries and whines about every loving last thing. She makes me want to bang my head against the wall. She hates to run and she is always last. Hanan looked up she had more than a third if a lap left. Hanan ran out to her and ran her in. Before she finished half the team was running behind them. I love my kid!

Let’s be honest, after that long practice, long run and sprint the last thing I would want to do is run with the crybaby encouraging her. Hanan didn’t think twice about it.

In other news I’m signing that kid up for cross country as soon as she walks into the middle school. I love you Hanan!