So much to say and so little time to say it because I’m headed to the school to walk with 90 kindergarteners to the fire department for a field trip. What? Did I just say that out loud? Yes, I’m missing my first Pilates class under the banyan tree on Ford Island to walk to the fire department. Sigh. I love my kids. Somehow walking 90 kindergarteners down a busy street does not sound like a good time. I have a feeling since two of the them are mine and I’m the PTA president, I’m sort of expected to go. I hear it’s an amazing field trip. Mr. Jack is going to be stoked. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say out it later but that walk… to and from. Heaven help me. 

So do you want to hear about soccer season ending for one of my three girls, the fact that two of the three don’t have practice this week (Hallelujah!!!) or that one is seriously thinking she’s going to get a record number of goals this week on a Halloween candy high in a bid to have lunch at McDonalds? This would be the same child who heard another parent (not me or Ray) yell at a game this week that if any one member of her team scored they would get a puppy. I may or may not have wagered the who would have to take in the local stray kittens at a child’s game this week and then refused to take them when we lost. My friend knew I was kidding…I think. We managed to ink out Arleigh’s season with no serious injuries, her teammate however sat out the last game with a broken collar bone. Those last three games were ROUGH. Hanan has a Friendship exposition left. Bria plays until almost Thanksgiving and then we are DONE with five practices a week until January. Just in time for high surf warnings. 

Would you like to hear about my toe nail or lack there of? It’s been bad for a while. It got worse after bootcamp yesterday. I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I tried to trim it, but wound up taking it off. It is sore and gnarly looking. It is also like a magnet for one of my children. A magnet I tell you! Last night I was sitting on the sofa when she came to kiss me good night and she stepped on it for about the sixth time since she got home from school. Same toe EVERY TIME! 

Would you like to hear about how my wonderful husband agreed to purchase some gently used lanai furniture? Mama needed as escape! Now Mama needs an outdoor rug, some new pillows, maybe another table and Daddy wants a flat screen. How come when you get something new you always want more? I’ll wait for more people to move I guess… Come on summer!!!

Would you like to hear about the fact that it’s Tuesday, I’m supposed to lead a Halloween parade on Thursday and I STILL have no idea what I’m going to be. 

Would you like to hear about the fact that my estimated electric bill went up and we have turned off the air…with no trade winds. Since Saturday the average temperature in my house has been 85 degrees. With all this sweating I’m hoping I’ve lost weight for bootcamp weigh in. I am fully aware that I don’t have it any worse than a lot of people who don’t have air conditioning in Hawaii. I’m trying not to whine. I’m also irritated because I think they way they run our electric bills is random and unfair. The public private partnership clearly doesn’t work in favor of the military family and yet, I have a nice house to live in close to Ray’s work so I will try to stop whining. 

Another thing you might want to hear is that my oldest has the opportunity to participate in a program that encourages students to write. When she finishes this project she will have a published novel. That’s right. Tye and Arleigh will both be published before me. That is all. 

I’m off to that field trip… pictures will be posted later.