I’ve mentioned the Halloweens of my youth before and why it’s hard for me to sometimes totally embrace it. (My grandmother passed away on Halloween.) This year I gave it a good faith effort. The scariest part came early in the morning instead of in the thick of night…I’ll get to that in a bit.

We start Halloween morning at a brisk 5 a.m. Yep. That’s scary enough. If I’m up at 5 everyone should be very, very afraid. Morning person…I am not. I showered and curled a certain shadow hunter’s hair. Due to the fact that it was Five Freaking A.M. (that’s the excuse I’m going with anyway) and I was using something without a guard I burned my daughter’s arm. Apparently that’s what you get for not trying to curl your own hair. I would say she won’t ask me to do it again, but she did less than 12 hours later when it was time to go back out.  She looked great and also much older than 12.

My friend Lorraine showed up to dress me. She promptly made me remove my spanx. What the what? Tightish looking outfit and no spanx? If you thought that was scary, she had to see me in all my glory to get me dressed. She brought over an authentic Indian saree. I’m glad she was here because I would have been a hot mess trying to figure that thing out. She wrapped, then gathered then tucked, wrapped some more. At one point I heard, “You are going to feel naked but I promise you’re covered.” What? Because this body NEEDS to be covered up. She also got to see that my torso is about 23 shades lighter than my arms, legs and face. When she was finished I was ready for Bollywood! Oh and I can’t forget to mention that Hanan said, “She must be a good friend for you to let her see you like that!” Oh my!

Then I had to get everyone else ready… we had a difficult time finding Jack’s entire costume for that first picture before Arleigh had to catch the bus. 



Eventually it was off to school so that I could lead the Halloween parade. Insert most terrifying moment of all Halloween… Sarees doesn’t have buttons, zippers or really even clasps. Thankfully my friend, Lorraine knows me well. She put a couple of safety pins in some key spots. Apparently she doesn’t know me super well though because she showed me how to hold it going up and down stairs and warned me to try not to step on it. Have I mentioned that I am a klutz? The problem was, if I stepped on it, all that gathering and shoving business would come undone and I would be shall we say exposed…at the front of the parade in front of God and everybody. Oh my good gravy that was one long freaking walk! I made it. So did Jack, Hanan and Bria. 

IMG_0536 IMG_0530 IMG_0537 IMG_1740My only disappointment is that I didn’t get to take pictures of all the other kids and the costumes. These kids go all out. Homemade is the name of the game and some of them are super scary. The fifth graders even set up a haunted house of sorts around their classroom. Teachers were giant legos and minions. It makes me love Halloween again. 

The rest of the day is a blur. I changed, helped take down the book fair and made chili for the alley. Then I brought home extra kids. Another friend saved me when one of the girls’ friends didn’t have a costume and nothing in our costume box was working. It’s a full neighborhood event. Then it was time for the neighborhood parade and trick or treating. 

Pictures are loading funny and I’m running out of time before my bus needs to leave… I don’t want to forget anything…

Shun (A boy) somehow traded shoes with Arleigh during the evening’s festivities and he wore them better… as in without tripping all the dang time.

IMG_0565 IMG_0564

This child totally scares me. Her pictures at six make me wonder what her pictures at college will be like. For someone who still tries to sneak into my bed at night, she wasn’t afraid of anything including the Haunted House that the big kids were refusing to go in. There was a promise of whoppers at the end…


These two are constantly attached at the hip. Big thanks for Auntie Chan for sharing her Minnie Mouse costume and TOTALLY saving Halloween for all of us!


Kiana has become my fifth child. Her parents may not be okay with it but I am. Bless her heart she said it was the “Best Halloween ever!” I’ve talked her parents into joining us next year. 


Jack had fun being Mike but really, he just wanted to sit and eat candy.



This is my tribe…or part of it. I love each and every one of them.



I saved the best for last. Jack’s costume came in a bag with a picture of a little boy making a face like he was a monster…If Jack saw a camera this is the face he was making. Anne is quite obviously a sweet little princess. IMG_0542