My mom can throw some tablecloths down, grab some things out of her house and it looks like Southern Living showed up to decorate your party. If I tried that it would undoubtedly look like Peg Bundy was in charge. This friends, is a problem.

There was a meeting at church about 6 weeks ago. There will be a ladies retreat…we need to plan… Can someone decorate? Like and absolute idiot I raised my hand. What the what? Soccer would be over by November right? Wrong! Bria’s last game is Saturday and I will miss it. Hanan is playing in a friendship expo and I will miss it. I’m refusing to miss my buddy’s baby shower though. I’m sneaking out before anyone sees the big reveal. Apparently that might not be such a bad thing.

The retreat is upon me. I was told to plan for 35. As of this morning my official count is 72. Insert fake smile here… What a good problem to have! The menu changed and then changed back and once again I got a note this morning… We are going to do it this way…even though I bought a canister to be used with a theme to anchor a table that no longer exists.

I am now realizing that I am not my mother and I was spoiled at our church in Virginia. We had closets of themes to decorate with, just open it up and here we go. It made me think I knew what I was doing when clearly I DO NOT.

Nothing like being on this rock in charge of something like this with an extremely limited budget and a no dollar store to give you a raging case of island fever. Did I mention that they told me Monday I need bread baskets? 13-14 bread baskets. No time to order… The budget didn’t increase when the number of people doubled. Sigh.

Time to put on my big girl panties, call my mother and get to work. I may also need to lower my expectations a bit. If everyone else could just do the same I might get through the weekend. Oh and quit being mad about my canister. It’s service right?