This post is for Grandpa. I need to make him green with envy, want to eat something and get his rear to this rock. It is also pretty funny.

If you read yesterday’s post you might have some small understanding of the stress I’m under as I approach the weekend. I’m aware and I try not to be but the fact is when I’m stressed I can get mean…like total witch for no reason. Yesterday I had a hard time putting a lid on it. When Ray had to be at a work function and we had two different soccer practices to get to… and I somehow don’t have anyone’s number…and a certain six year old was pretty peeved about getting the short end if the stick… You see where I’m going with this.

That would be Bria begging to play in a U-12 scrimmage. She is six… These girls are all just under 10 and 11. Once again I’m forced to say she may be trouble. Bonus points if you see Diamond Head in the picture.

Ray called and said we should meet him at the bowling alley. Why on earth would I want to do that after over an hour of soccer? Because I wouldn’t have to fix dinner or clean up and I get to eat this.

Yes, in Hawaii this is bowling alley food. I’ve heard about it but it’s not right across the street so for whatever reason we haven’t been. It was really, really good. The kids shared Tasty Chicken. It lived up to it’s name. Ray had eaten a late snack so he just had a noodle bowl. I tried it too. We’ll be back.

We had fun watching the bowlers from our table. One poor man fell flat on his back. Of course everyone wants to go back to bowl. I’ll be going back for the food.