I should have been posting about Veteran’s Day, or all we did this weekend. Instead I’m asking for prayers. Prayers for peace as much as anything else. Jack has an appointment with Dr. Young this morning to check his eyes. I have this gut feeling that I won’t be getting good news. Ray and I have been discussing how we think his eyes are already beginning to drift again. Don’t get me wrong. They look SO MUCH BETTER still. They are not staying aligned. This morning when he woke up and should be pretty well rested, I could tell they aren’t aligned. One is turning in, one is turning out I think but I’m not doctor. 

I would appreciate your prayers. Jack is really picking things up at school. His vocabulary is growing, slowly but growing. All this in spite of a mother who often gets as frustrated as he does about his lack of understanding. A mother who lacks the empathy and grace she thought she could muster. Frankly some days I watch my actions and wonder if I’m any better than Cinderella’s step mother. 

So clearly, we could use your prayers. Prayers for peace for whatever the doctor tells us. I really don’t want Jack to miss any more school. Healing for his eyes and his delays… just prayers. Thank you.