I don’t know who wanted to miss Jack’s appointment with the eye doctor more. Ray and I have been discussing the fact that we thought Jack’s eyes might be floating again. He continues to hold things very close to his face and we don’t know why. I was expecting at the very least patching again, maybe glasses and the promise of another surgery in the future. I thought the time between appointments would decrease. I’m a little tired of keeping Jack out of school for appointments. I think it’s like taking two steps forward for three steps back. Jack wasn’t happy to be missing school either. He loves it. He was cranky so I promised treats if he was good and “stayed on green.”

I learned a few things. God is good all the time. He actually does answer prayers. Also, I am not a doctor. 

In spite of Jack’s weird behaviors holding things so close and bouncing around, his eyesight is actually improving. The doctor saw the same crossing that I see but he said that when you measure Jack’s eyes, they are okay. It must be the shape of his face. He also noticed the left eye floating. Is is Jack or Jack’s brain or yes? We don’t know. His vision is obviously not affected. So for now, it’s okay. Only the crazy people staring at this eyes like his parents and doctor would probably notice. 

The best news of all… no more monthly or even every other month appointments. We are clear for six months! I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. I don’t have an appointment at that weird building until May! 

Jack was pretty funny during the appointment. For all his fussing about wanting to go to school, Jack really loves Dr. Young. It’s funny what he remembers. Dr. Young has a tongue depressor with stickers on it that he tries to get Jack to focus on during measurements. In the past he’s made a popping noise with his mouth. As soon as Jack saw the tongue depressor he started making the noise before Dr. Young even had a chance to. He knows that the lights will go out and he will see stars and doesn’t want to leave until Dr. Young hooks him up. The funniest thing was when Dr. Young said, “Okay Jack. You’re getting better. We’re all done.” Jack started to sing the all better song from Doc McStuffins. He doesn’t even watch that show very often but he did see it this weekend. Oh my word, I almost fell over. 

Grandma got to hear the serenade on the way home. She told me I needed to video it and put it up so she could watch it all the time. Here’s my I’m technologically challenged warning… I’m trying but I have a hard time getting videos up here.

Jack and I decided to celebrate at the boy’s favorite store…

Yes, he left with a yellow bag and a giant smile. 

I’m smiling pretty big today too. Everybody is heading back to school!