When east meets south and rolls around in the mud with some rednecks on a rock in the Pacific ocean good things happen. Seriously good things! 

I got some round steak in a family pack on sale at the commissary. My Aunt Carolyn currently resides in Kentucky, not Hawaii. I therefore had not one clue what to do with this super tough cut of meat with no time to slow cook ANYTHING. I know you don’t want to hear my schedule today (I’m talking to you Ray) but it went something like this. Get up, get kids ready, lunches packed, homework checked and into the car. Pick up a friend, head to a core/pilates on Ford Island. I dropped my friend off and went in my exercise gear to the school to make copies. I came home prepared reports for a PTA meeting, showered and went back to the school for Jack’s IEP. When the IEP was finished, I came home with an extra child to an extra child. I then called Grandma, supervised homework and tried to decide what to do with this blasted meat. You see my predicament…

Thank you and may God bless Paula Deen for saving the night. I’m still not sure how I clicked on it but here’s her recipe that even the pickiest eaters liked. As always I made a few adjustments. 

Those adjustments… that’s where our fusion cuisine comes in…Fusion come naturally to us Stiffs with children born in Iceland and China and living in all the places we’ve lived. It’s just natural. I mixed Hawaiian seasoning into the panko instead of just salt and pepper. Frankly, I’m just happier with Hawaiian seasoning. What’s that? No Hawiian seasoning at the Wal-Mart you say? No worries. It’s at amazon. It’s pricey but I’m a little giddy about it because I put that stuff on everything and one day I won’t live here. So, if you aren’t lucky enough to live in paradise… Here it is..

I also have some pretty stout peanut oil and no peanut allergies so I used a mixture of peanut and vegetable oil.  In other news my Marmalade had champagne and so did my dijon. I think it all might though. Thank heavens!

The end result was a ridiculously unhealthy meal. I’ll make up for it with quinoa and kale tomorrow. But for today… We feast! (On paper plates but we feast!)