IMG_0366It was a brilliant maneuver. I was with Bria alone at a Wal-Mart. I pointed out a One Direction guitar. You know the band that has quite literally rocked her big sisters’ world. Frankly, it was two colors of acoustic perfection! Five faces were smiling the promises of a quieter existence.

Bria has been making her official pronouncement for weeks that she would ask Santa for drums. I’m torn. I don’t want to squelch her dream on one hand. On the other hand… I have neighbors. For weeks she has had a plan. There is a beginner set at the local Toys ‘R Us in her favorite shade of purple. There may or may not have been plans to put purple lighting on the front of the bass drum.

On one hand I think this is an opportunity. Then I remember I’m developing sensory issues in my old age. She is playing piano so well already maybe I should let her branch out. We don’t have the space or the insulation from noise. What is a parent to do?

I’ll tell you what this parent did. I sang the praises of the darn acoustic guitar. I may or may not have mentioned that her sisters would be jealous since it was obviously too small for them to play. It wouldn’t take up her entire room. And the cherry on top… Those five faces with a purple signature. Remember I have a degree in public relations…I can sell anything. She bought it hook line and sinker without me having to sell it at all. Can I get a hallelujah amen?

That’s when it happened. I noticed on Facebook that there is a number where people can call and leave Santa a message. I wish I had videotaped it. Her eyes lit up like the Fourth of July. Then she got scared. As she heard the recording she cut her eyes at me and said, “Did you tell him I was naughty? Is that why you’re calling?” In all honesty it was a fair question.

Then came her shining moment. Okay Bria tell Santa what you want for Christmas. That’s when it came out and she may have killed her mother a little bit. “I want drums.”

What the what? I whispered in her ear, “What about the One Direction guitar?” She just looked at me and gave a diabolical grin.

This playa just got played! Heaven help us all! As she went to bed she said, “Maybe he knows how much I want the guitar too.”