When Jack has a bad day, he has a bad day all over. It hurts him to his bones. Sometimes I even forget what his bad days look like because there are so many good ones interspersed with great ones. Then he has a bad day. It looks a little like this…


This was taken less than halfway through piano. When I say that Jack’s has bad days did I mention that they tend to cause my day to run south faster than a criminal trying to make it to the border? No? I should have.

I should also mention that I am super duper grateful for the blessings we’re given. Sometimes they come in the strangest packages. Tonight it came in the form of Miss Momoko.

Miss Momoko is our beloved piano teacher. The girls have learned more here in the last year and a half than I care to admit considering the number of years they’ve been playing. For the last several months she’s been telling me it’s time to fit Jack into the stream. I’ve been nodding my head and wondering how she’ll do it.

It was at Miss Momoko’s that Jack started having his bad day. It was pretty much the definition of a no good horrible bad day. He was really upset and unable to communicate why and that just made him sadder. After the girls were finished, Miss Momoko crooked her finger and beckoned Jack to the piano. His eyes lit up. He sat down and then this…

Oh my goodness this does my heart good! Sometimes it takes more than my little family. Tonight it was that Miss Momoko truly believed in Jack. She didn’t just think maybe he could try. She thinks Jack is capable of the same things as his sisters. She renews my hope that maybe he is.