So yesterday was a BIG day around here. There are several Huger Games fans in the house. If you are hiding under a rock, I’ll go ahead and tell you that it premiered last night. In an effort to secure a nicer nursing home in my future I tried to be mother of the year. I purchased three tickets the day sales opened.

The movie was supposed to start at 8. A certain tween was in the shower at 3. By four she was desperate for a Katniss braid. I’d already made the trek to Hot Topic (a store no one that is 40 is really supposed to enter) so she could purchase even more. This is Catching Fire you know. By 5 I was trying to help one friend with something she needed to drop off. Another friend’s husband is coming home from deployment today and she needed letters cut for a sign. There was dinner to fix, little people to bathe. I desperately needed another shower. Arleigh then asked for make up. I guess she doesn’t know her mother that well since I either look like I have none in ir a clown. Maybe she did realize and she was going for The Capitol look. Anyway… I was slightly stressed.

We finally get in the mom mobile. I knew it would be the mom mobile because everyone had done their hair. A vehicle with no doors is not conducive to keeping your hair the way you want it. I turn the key. No joy. I turn the key and more gas. No joy. I turn the key and it turns over. Not a great feeling with three girls in the car (Arleigh’s friend was with us I wasn’t taking Bria to Catching Fire.) on the way to Pearl City. I put it in reverse and it already feels funny. We back out. I put it in drive and she wasn’t moving. Oh snap!

I call Ray. He gets her back in the garage. We move over to the Jeep. I get out of Dodge. Before the movie I got a text from Ray. He thinks it might be time to van shop.

Folks, that’s when I realized I’m a little too attached to my dented banged up mom mobile. She has gotten me through a dessert deployment and a trip to Kentucky with Tye that can’t be forgotten. She’s been through moves and over oceans. She brought Bria home and held Jack’s first car seat. We’ve thrown up in her, ran a Color Run and jumped in and off roaded in the mud at Tripler. I’m attached. Her life flashed before my eyes. I sent him a text back that said, “you sure duck tape won’t work?” And proceeded to tear up a little.

We did enjoy Catching Fire. I’m in charge if a PTA function tonight and a little more than freaked out about the no car situation. Thankfully Ray thinks he has it figured out and we do have the jeep.

I’m off to wring my hands anyway. And please ignore the errors. I’m blogging from my phone in my distress.