I count it a blessing that our social worker in Kentucky has become a dear friend. Our adoption agency has adopted an orphanage in the far reaches of China. Two of the people that God put in our path on our way to Jack were just there trying to make that orphanage a more comfortable place. I watched from my perch on Facebook as they chose colors to paint walls. Soon there will be new beds. Good things really are happening there.

In those walls is a little girl. She is five-years old, like Jack. She is just a hair’s breath younger than Bria. I’ve decided to call her Haven because that is exactly what she needs. Her little heart is broken. She needs a Mama and Daddy to come get her bring her home and get that heart better. She is delayed because her little heart is struggling every day. She gets worn out just trying to get through the day. Haven has been described as the size of a skinny little three-year old. She is five. It makes me think of a certain three-year old boy that didn’t weigh much more than my other babies weighed at 18 months. The look in Haven’s eyes makes my heart ache because she reminds me of Jack. I’m all too aware of what her future holds if she doesn’t find a home. My friend, Dana felt a bond with this sweet little angel. She is working hard to find her a home. There is a chance that she will be able to receive her surgery in China. 

With my own set of virtual twins, we don’t have room for another five-year old. I’m sure someone does. I would love to help Dana find that family. 

If you would like more information about Haven, I can put you in touch with the right people. She is paper ready now. She needs a family now. Please join me in praying she finds a home.