Jingle arrived this week. He’s our little elf. He arrived like a stalker peering in our screen door sitting in the wreath. Jingle and I have a love hate relationship.

Oh Jingle…


He ate half a bag of peppermint kisses. Look closely at his face. He leaves wrappers and messes in his wake that I always have to clean up. But he is also a ready reminder to my kids.


Yes, I would love for my kids to be perfect and choose to the right thing because well that’s what we’re supposed to do. The fact is they’re human just like me. I need a little incentive here and there. Jingle provides that plus some fun memories for our little ohana.

And so we’ll do the elf dance, Jingle and I. He’ll hide and make messes. I’ll clean th up and hope that if my kids make the right choice between now and Christmas because of Mr. Jingle, maybe it will be a little easier for them to make the right choice when the wrapping paper is in the trash and Jingle is back at the North Pile. Let’s face it, I need ALL the help I can get!