Yesterday I saw a sign that said something like “Merry Stressmas.” I’m thinking I need to make one.

Ray sent his parents off at about 7 last night. In the meantime I wrapped 8 ornaments I purchased that morning with stickers that say “Mele Kalikimaka Y’all Love The Stiffs”. This act alone completely horrified my haole teenager. I then made candy, failing miserably as I couldn’t find almond bark at the commisarry in one of 100 trips this week. Then I made homemade hot cocoa mix that I dare not add up how much the ingredients cost, put it in mason jars with the same stickers plus tags that included instructions. Still with me? Two Christmas activities with three kids… Plus two needed particular food for parties. One sleepover preparation complete with cups made with names in vinyl for those attending. Thank the heavens this one is not at my house. Pick two up early, hang out for a minute before I pick up number three. Four is off at her sleepover.

Now I ask… Is it break yet? Why are we doing this? I remember the excitement of Christmas and maybe extra candy canes but I can tell you my mother the teacher came home with several bottles marked AVON and about 436 boxes of vile chocolate covered cherries. I do remember her oooing and awwwing over a couple if handmade gifts. Is that why I’m hung on it?

Oh yeah. Merry Freaking Stressmas and Mele Kalikimaka y’all. Where’s the rum?