Well…. Christmas is done. I’m not sure my kids recognized the reason for the season but it’s done. All I can think is it’s time to put it away and I don’t want to. In other news… I’m encouraged to be back to by regularly scheduled blogging. Thank you Patrick! Just because he has a very new brother and I happened to drop off a pound cake, I got a big… “Miss Brandi needs a magazine called Stiff Living.” Stiff Living is right! That was enough encouragement for my fingers to hit keys again and a pretty sweet Christmas gift to boot.

Don’t get too excited about a Christmas post. I can’t find my camera. Merry Freaking Stressmas! I had a discussion with some neighbors around an impromptu fire pit last night. I mentioned that I feel like I half assed Christmas this year. (Apologies for my language but in my Christmas cookie sugar induced coma apparently my vocabulary escapes me. I really can’t think of a better word and if  you could look through my screen and see my house you would know there is no time for a thesaurus. Would it even list that word anyway?) Apparently everyone else felt the same way. 

Is it because it’s 85 degrees? Was it Tye not being around to call me every two seconds to ask me how many 1/4 cups are in a quart or watch the world’s dumbest video? Was it our visitors being here while the kids were getting ready for the out of school rush? Was it Christmas falling on Wednesday? Was it the fact that we had less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Was the it that more than half of my Christmas decorations (in spite of my noble effort to reproduce it) is in boxes in Paducah, KY? Is it about the palm trees and slippas and shorts and t-shirts? 

The answer my friends is yes. It’s all of the above. I’m wondering if you mainlanders can tell me, did you feel rushed this year too or is this just an island occurence?Enquiring minds want to know.

We did get to celebrate some Christmas while I still knew where my camera was and downloaded a few pictures regularly. Enjoy them while I put on a haz-mat suit and scour this house!

IMG_0942 IMG_0279 IMG_0929 IMG_1998 IMG_1981 IMG_0269 IMG_0926 IMG_0925 IMG_1912 IMG_1939 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0656 IMG_0715 IMG_0774