I can’t believe so much happened in December and I think I forgot to get it posted. I was reminded by a certain teenager that I missed her regular birthday post. There were the Dec. 7th ceremonies, a visit from Nana and Pa pa…Christmas… So I’ll take a step back in time and try to remember and tell you about a few of my personal highlights over the next couple of days.

IMG_0598First up will be the USS Missouri, AKA The Mighty Mo. I just love that ship. I love taking visitors aboard, especially when I can do it with this guy.



He knows so much from how much each link in an actor weighs to how what each instrument is used for. I always forget. I never get tired of hearing him talk about being on the Ike or how things work. 

Here are a few things about the Mighty Mo that I love.

  • She was in the Pacific Theater of WWII. She arrived in Pearl Harbor on Christmas eve, 1944. She was at Iwo Jima providing continuous support. 
  • There is still a dent in her starboard side from a kamikaze attack.
  • The Japanese surrendered aboard the Mighty Mo. 
  • IMG_0614We stood at the very spot. It is unreal to stand there EVERY TIME. The men that stood there. The fact that I’m in that very spot gives me chills. 
  • The Mighty Mo was finished after WWII. She fought during the Korean War and was refitted and sent back out during the Gulf War. 
  • As a side note, Cher filmed her video for If I Could Turn Back Time on the USS Missouri and it featured her crew. 

We happened to be visiting on Dec. 6th. If you are at all familiar with WWII history, you know that Pearl Harbor was bombed on Dec. 7th. It is our day that will live in infamy. I know everyone here refers to it at the Pearl Harbor celebration. I just can’t bring myself to use those words. Several survivors come back each year. As we crossed through one of the areas on the ship we noticed a survivor coming in. He was telling stories and having a big time. I asked if I could shake his hand and thank him for his service. I told him he was rock star on this little island and I hope he was soaking it up. He grinned pretty big. I was also as Arleigh would say, a total fan girl dork. I asked him if I could take my picture with him.

IMG_0613I love that I have this moment saved to tell my grandkids about so that hopefully they’ll have an understanding of their rich history and respect for the brave men and women who sacrifice so much for their freedom. 

I think Nana and Pa pa enjoyed their day too. They certainly felt like they got their workout in after all climbing all the stairs and avoiding the knee knockers. Here are a few snapshots from our tour. 

IMG_0629 IMG_0626 IMG_0614 IMG_0603 IMG_0595 IMG_0593 IMG_0590