Apparently Bria was born without a filter…much like her mother. You never know what you’re going to hear when she starts talking. Recently we were watching television. As a commercial came on Bria said, “Mama, you realize in the olden days you couldn’t have Jack.”  Oh.My.Word. What is happening. Did I hear that right?

“Bria, what did you say?”

“In the olden days you couldn’t have Jack.”

So I bite… “Why not?”

“There was this brown man. He didn’t like that the white people were making fun of brown people. They wouldn’t let you have him then.” 

What the what? “Where did you hear this Bria?”

“At school. We were talking about the brown man who wanted to change people’s minds.”

“Martin Luther King?” 

“Yes! That was his name.”

I think we addressed the issue but still… I’m not sure what she really heard. I’m never sure what she really hears. 

On the way up the stairs I was playfully swatting at her bum trying to get her to hurry up. She stopped dead in her tracks, turned around and said, “Mama! Stop that hurts!” I told her it doesn’t hurt I was playing and then smacked at myself. 

She said, “It doesn’t hurt you because your butt is big. My butt is tiny.”

“Thanks Bria!”

She said, “It’s okay, when I’m a mom my butt will be big too.” Alrighty then. 

Since we’re talking about Bria, I might as well slip in her favorite thing to do lately. She is obsessed with Frozen. She sings all the songs. I caught her practicing for her Broadway Debut a few weeks ago. Here it is. Be sure to tell how great she is. She really has no confidence AT ALL. (Where is that sarcasm font?)

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